Aorom: The smoking cessation revolutionized.

Reviving ancient traditional Indian medicine, our herbal Smokes feature traditional herbs and spices historically utilized in medicinal practices.

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Towards A Healthier Lifestyle With Us

Established in 2020, Aorom herbotech aims to create an addiction-free ecosystem. Having its origin from the Latin word Au meaning gold, aorom stands for purity and aspires to bring such change in society

Bringing back the age-old traditional Indian medicine, our herbal Smokes incorporate the use of traditional herbs and spices that once were and are still used in many medicinal procedures. 

Herbs ranging from Curcumin leaves, menthol, and extract from paan leaves and spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, fennel seeds work together to provide us a beautiful blend filled with flavor and nutrition. 


    Definitely worth a try! especially the clove one tops them all. Love it!


    In love with the Paan one. feels like you've eaten an actual paan. leaves the taste in mouth for quite a good time. refreshing!


    Have been a chainsmoker since the last three years. regular and clove flavour works perfectly for me.

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Regularly Asked Concerns

Do Aorom Herbal Smokes contain nicotine or tobacco?

Experience the magic of Aorom herbal smokes, carefully concocted with ayurvedic herbs, completely free of tobacco and nicotine.

What are the different flavors of Aorom Herbal Smokes available?

Ignite your senses with our vibrant Regular, paan, clove, or chocolate options!

Are Aorom Herbal Smokes addictive?

On the contrary, our aim is to guide individuals on their deaddiction journey. Every ingredient we use is addiction-free, yet you may find yourself craving it repeatedly due to its delightful flavor!

What is the Tar content of Aorom Herbal smokes

tar content can be as high as 43mg per cigarette in tobacco cigarettes. Our herbal smokes contain only 0.06mg per cigarette according to FDA-approved lab tests

Does it really help quit smoking?

Nicotine cravings can often be managed with nicotine replacement therapies like patches or gums, but the urge to smoke can be a significant barrier to quitting. Aorom addresses this physical craving in your journey to becoming addiction-free.

Are these smokes prescribed by doctors?

Numerous ayurvedic doctors recommend our herbal smokes for nasal congestion, cough, cold, and panchkarma therapy.